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For Sale
For Sale is a newly completed 4” Burrell Single Cylinder Agricultural Traction Engine (Boiler 2014). This has only been steamed 3 times for the purposes of testing.
It was supplied and built to an enthusiast for the pleasure of building it rather than rallying upon completion.
The engine has been stripped, checked, lined and then reassembled by ourselves.
The kits for this engine retail just under £16,000, and still require building and painting. So this engine is for sale ready to rally for the very low sum of £19,000.
This is a ***Brand New Engine***
John Rex Model Engineers 4 1/2" Compound Foden C
4" Burrell Single Cylinder Agricultural Traction Engine.
This is an immaculate example of a brand new engine with powder coated tanks, motion work stripped, painted and re assembled, new Canadian maple buck, new oak sideboards, new roof and much much more.
This is an older boiler (1997) but the engine has never been completely finished although it has seen a handful of rallies over a five year period as it was stripped for painting in late 2014 (first steam test 23/06/2010).
Since the completing final assembly mid September 2017 the engine has been steamed twice, once including the completion of a full years steam test. Both times the engine has performed impeccably!
The engine is not a Modelworks kit and is built with all JRME castings & parts including the boiler. The wheels are one off designed to make it a twin wheeler whilst not looking to wide and out of scale and the fronts are also split rims with mini hubs and brakes hidden by the wheels. The chassis and axles are a dark green with various shades of green for the rest of the engine with black mudguards.
This is a chance to own a compound Foden as these are rarely seen on the rally field. The sides are left plain for us to sign write to your specification..
This is a chance to own the best Foden on the market for sale at £24,000.
‘John Rex Model Engineers’ 4 1/2" Compound Foden C Type Steam Wagon